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Lūft Anxiety and Quit Smoking Necklace - Slate Metal

Lūft Anxiety and Quit Smoking Necklace - Slate Metal

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Details and Benefits

- LOVED by 10,000+ customers across the globe (see our 5 starts reviews)

- Made of Medical Stainless Steel.

- Imagine stress fading away as you exhale, cradled by the soothing touch of the Luft. Elevate your style while conquering anxiety and distancing yourself from vaping.

- Built to last an entire lifetime - so you can wave goodbye to recurring costs from smoking/vaping.

- The Luft will be your new friend: You will never want to take it off! It is perfect for providing yourself back down to reality during those stressful moments.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jeff DeDonato
Didn't arrive yet

Can't really review something I did not receive yet. Would be nice to eventually be able to.

Exceeded my expectations

Necklace and packages are very well put together and in great quality.

I am using it to quite smoking and so far helping me reaching the goal of ditching nicotine in 3 months. I Use it when I get the urge.

Highly recommend!!!

Really Helps

Helps me in my office anxiety. love it!

Highly Recommend

Awesome anxiety breathing necklace. Highly recommend

What a Unique fabulous color

I just love this color and engraving. Unique and stands out, i use it for my panic attacks and absolutely helps.

Discover more about our Award Winning "Lūft Necklace".

How it Works?

For Stress and Anxiety

The Luft is engineered with an intelligent airflow design to create a unique airflow. This helps activating the body's relaxation response and help reduce stress and anxiety.

For Quitting Smoking and Vaping

The Luft offers an alternative behavior that mimics the inhalation and exhalation pattern associated with vaping or smoking. This replaces the action of smoking or vaping with a healthier alternative.

Shop the Lūft

Helps the Body and Heals the Mind

Breathe Your Worries Away

Feeling anxious or stressed? Lūft can help!

Imagine Lūft as a breathing buddy that calms your mind when you need it. It will help you to take slower and longer breaths making you feel relaxed. When anxiety strikes, just use the Lūft, breathe and let worries drift away.


Easy to Use

Feel your stress leaving your body with one quick and simple exercise

Kick Your Vape To The Curb

Tired of being stuck in the vaping trap? The Lūft is your ticket to break free.

Imagine a world where you are not controlled by carvings, where every exhale helps you conquer that urge. It is not just a necklace - It is your partner in overcoming vaping, making each breath a step forward towards a healthier, vape free life.

It's life changing

Ditching Nicotine has never been so easy...


It's too Expensive!

Vaping is not just harmful to your health, it drains your wallet too!

Do you know that average vaper shells out a staggering $646 per year? Imagine the possibilities with this money - Travel, Treats, Savings.

Now, picture the Lūft in your life. Built from Ultra-Strong and 100% safe materials, it is a lifelong companion that delivers calms whenever you need it, all without breaking the bank!

Save your LIFE - Save your MONEY

  • 30 Days Money Back Guaranteed

    If you are not enjoying our Products, we offer you a 30 days money back guaranteed!

  • High Quality Medical Grade Stainless Steel

    Made with care, love and passion. The Luft is designed with the highest quality material and packaging to deliver the ultimate medidation benefits without compromising the look.

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